One year has passed since the young brand R RAYMON presented its second collection to the bike world. And a lot has happened since then! In model year 2020, the newcomer will start with an e-bike collection in 7 categories: The program includes the categories E-MTB Enduro, E-MTB All Mountain, E-MTB Hardtail, E-Gravel, E-Trekking, E-Urban/City as well as a total of 5 e-bike models for the small racers. "With 50 Nm torque and 250W the SR Suntour rear engine is an ideal basis for first experiences on the eBike. A sensor on the bottom bracket determines the optimum step support in the respective support mode," explains Felix R. Puello, COO of PEXCO GmbH.

And the bike collection 2020 is also impressive with a wide range of models. From the carbon road bike to the popular trekking models to the full-suspension All Mountain MTB - R RAYMON covers all target groups, age groups and usage variants with a total of 7 product categories.

“The young and fresh brand R RAYMON has established itself on the market within the last 24 months in both the E- and the Non-E sector. Especially in terms of design and frame development, we were able to make another real quantum leap forward for the model year 2020 - R RAYMON is growing up" Felix R Puello praises the work of the whole team.


And this ripening process is particularly reflected in the brand's design concept. While in 2019 R RAYMON was still known for loud and eye-catching color concepts, in 2020 the graphics with their muted tones are significantly reduced without losing their young and courageous appearance. Similar top tube and down tube shapes across all product categories create recognition value and round off the striking graphic concept of the brand.


R RAYMON E-Bikes get going with the new Yamaha drive units and - like no other - know how to perfectly match the range of motors with their different applications and power levels to the needs of each target group! With two new drive versions - the PW-ST for sporty E-Trekking and E-MTBs and the new top model PW-X2 for high-end E-MTBs - the e-bike pioneer Yamaha has declared a clear goal for the coming season: Riders and bikes should become one!


150% Power - the new reference for high-end MTBs: The current Yamaha PW-X drive unit has already lived up to its reputation for performance and endurance in demanding conditions. With the revised PW-X2 version, Yamaha is now taking the next step: on the trail, the drive unit combines its powerful support with a previously unknown natural driving experience. At a cadence of 100 rpm, it supports up to 50% more than its predecessor. The technical data (250 W rated power, permanent 80 Nm in "Extra Power" mode and support in the High / STD / Eco / +Eco levels) have remained the same, but the new PW-X2 promises its driver to deliver the well-dosed support even more specifically - precisely when he needs it most. What is manifested inside the technology in the form of four sensors and finely tuned algorithms for drive control, results in an uncommonly natural driving experience outdoors.

The Quad Sensor System uses a tilt sensor to determine whether and how steep the bike is going uphill or downhill and links this measurement with the data from the previous speed, cadence and pedal force sensors. Ambitious e-mountain bikers will appreciate the new PW-X2 because it supports their own pedal forces even at high and highest cadence and the drive unit reacts extremely sensitively and quickly to the driver's wishes and driving situation thanks to the newly integrated tilt sensor, especially in Automatic Support Mode.


For model year 2020, Yamaha Motor has not only revised its top model, but also the number two in the range: PWseriesST is the new name (successor to PWseriesSE) - and this drive system, like the PW-X2, benefits from Yamaha Motors' latest technologies.

"Putting in the right gear, adjusting the saddle height and selecting the support mode at the same time is a real challenge for beginners and experienced bikers alike. That's why the PWseriesST's new Automatic Support Mode selects the appropriate drive support according to the riding situation. Whether you're starting off, accelerating, braking, rolling flat or climbing a steep climb, you leave the choice of support mode to the propulsion system." Felix R Puello explains the Yamaha drive unit.

In 'High' mode, the PWseriesST assists less experienced riders with the Smoother Hill Start, by reducing its power during the first pedal turns when starting up a hill or on loose ground.